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1 year ago
That is how lesbians are made
1 year ago
Lovely woman, but she didn't seem to be enjoying it much. Very passive
kott 1 year ago
How meny mens go back home to yours wifes with HIV? Do You know?
1 year ago
This is someone's daughter lmao
Dad 1 year ago
Honey please come home, we miss you. Stop this madness
1 year ago
Guy 1 year ago
Who is she?
Commenter Supreme 1 year ago
The problem was the cameraman/director. They wanted to shoot only from a top-down angle with the girl on her back. Instead of having a cameraman who adjusted to the models fucking, they stifled the action. She could have done DP and airtight all day, but she and the men were limited by the director.
Lina 1 year ago
I';m a tall thin sexy old slut in her 50's, love gangbang creampies, did it all my life. I did a big one once, didn't know what I was getting into, the guys kept fucking me from Friday night to late Sunday evening all weekend I never closed my legs I was so sore and stretched, it was awesome!
SimonSays 1 year ago
Pretty girl but can't fuck. Horrible to watch or have girls like her